The Soul of Dracula


Only the best vampire slayer can kill Dracula



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The Soul of Dracula is a platform, action, and adventure game where you play a vampire slayer who, armed with a whip, must venture deep into the mountains to find Count Dracula's Castle. Once you find it, you'll have to go inside and kill Dracula.

Basically, this game is a newer version of Castlevania since it has virtually all the same elements as Konami's legendary game. First and foremost, you'll see similarities in the gameplay: you have to go through different 2D levels and kill all your enemies with a whip.

The enemies in The Soul of Dracula are also inspired by Castlevania. You'll find zombies, skeletons that throw bones at you, bats, ghosts, and even big bosses, like Death. The weapons you can use are also similar: by default you'll start off with a whip, but can also substitute it with a metal chain.

The Soul of Dracula is a great tribute to the Castlevania saga that, even if its visuals are only average, does offer a very fun experience that will be especially appreciated by fans of Konami's legendary franchise.
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